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Kita-Kei is the brighter Trance & Progressive house producer based in Tokyo, Japan.

His career began in earnest from 2016 when he released two remixes of "Amen B, Jeffron Vox - Clouds" and "Amen B & Miroslav Vrlik - Apple" on Semitrance Records.

Since then, he's signed with many powerful labels.*

Notably, "Kita-Kei & Kyothough - Greater Adria(Original Mix / Daisuke Matsushima Remix)” which was released from RockRiverRecords, reached #3 on Beatport's Trance Release Chart.


Under his other name "ばらっげ" ("BarrageP"), he creates not only electric music such as Trance and House but also Pops and Rock music.

His multiple music styles has been brought to bear on the production of Trance and Prog.

You'll enjoy the variety of Trance/Prog from beautiful to energetic sounds when you listen to his tracks.


He's one of the hottest producers to watch now.

(*Abora Skies, Alter Ego Records, Beyond The Stars Recordings, Emergent Shores, Extrema Global Music, Progressive Dreams, Redux Recordings, RockRiverRecords, Semitrance Records)

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